A Little About Leather...

First of all... Why leather?
Let's face it. We live in a world where anything we want is at our fingertips. A click of a button and it's at your door in two days. As convenient as that is, we believe there remains a draw to the "old ways"... to the life that was slow, simple, intentional. 

Leather invites us to slow down, to feel its texture, to smell its aroma, to inspect its character, scars and all.

We love leather because there is nothing "fast" about it. The life of an animal, the artisan process of tanning and finishing the hide, the design and creation of the leather product... these all happen slowly. And since Claridge Leather products are built to last a lifetime, they will develop beauty, character, and even wrinkles, right alongside you.

If you're like us, you'll welcome the opportunity to use something has been made slowly, with intention, and built to last. It's not instant, it's not cheap. But it's rich, rugged, beautiful, and worth the investment.

About the leather we use
With so many types of leather out there, how do we possibly choose what to use in our products?

First of all, we use only leather that is responsibly sourced and tanned in the U.S.A. We know and trust tanneries such as Horween, Wickett & Craig, and Hermann Oak, and we are proud to use their premium leathers in our goods. While there are cheaper options available, we take pride in offering no-compromise leather goods made with the best leather we can find.

Since the leather itself represents our product, we take our material selection very seriously. For each product we offer, we hunt for unique leathers that will be best suited for the application in terms of thickness, hand-feel (soft, firm, waxy, smooth, etc.), color, and character. We do our homework to find the great leather so that you can just enjoy the product! We are happy to answer any specific questions about the leathers we use-- please just ask!