Meet Tanner

My name is Tanner, and I'm a husband to my best friend Katie and Dad to four really cool kids. We live in Montana and love to swim in lakes and go for hikes together.

I do love working with leather, but I have found that my favorite thing about leather is actually helping others learn the craft too. I love getting messages from people who have watched a video of mine and *finally* attempted (and succeeded) at making their first bag. That's as good as it gets for me!

It is my privilege to help you reach your leathercraft goals however I can. I simply want to place stones in the creek to help you cross, showing you a clear path to making exactly what YOU want to make. I hope my patterns and videos inspire and equip you to make some really great stuff. Thank you for your support-- it means the world to us. Be in touch!

Thank you and God bless you,