How to Print LARGE PDF Patterns

Sometimes the patterns are just too big to fit on a single sheet of paper. Thankfully, there are at least two ways to print these large patterns, and you may not even need to leave the house.

In the video below, you'll see how you can print on your home printer using Adobe Acrobat (a free downloadable program, if you don't have it). If you choose to print at home, you'll go to "Print" --> "Poster" --> set "Scale" to 100% --> check "Cut Marks", "Labels", and "Tile only large pages" --> "PRINT"

Another option is to send the PDF pattern to a local print shop that has the ability to print on a large format (36" tall) continuous ream. I've found that shops that print black and white architectural drawings can easily print these, and often at a very reasonable price.

Whichever way you've printed the pattern, the next step will be to cut out the pieces. But first, I'd recommend gluing them (with spray adhesive) to something stiffer, like poster board. This will give you a much more durable and easy-to-use pattern.

This is the hard part... Once you have your pattern printed and cut out, the fun begins!